Monday, April 22, 2013

New Coffee Table

I have been in search of a new coffee table for the living room for a while now.  I wanted something brass with glass (storage on the bottom would be a bonus!) to open up the room a bit.  
Dmagazine  (i am so in love with this penthouse! *drool*)

The problem was that I also wanted one with an upholstered top (Yes, we are the put-your-legs-on-the-table-while-watching-TV type of family).   I searched and searched but nothing came close to what i had in mind.  So i figured it would have to be a DIY, our current table is a DIY so why not this one.
I really like this table but the microfiber was hard to keep free of lints and crumbs.  I also wanted to change the rug to a darker color so having a dark table would not work.
I also replaced the matching side table a few weeks before.

One night searching through Craigslist, I found this table from Crate and Barrel on sale, which I ended paying $50 for.  It had some scratches to the finish but I didn’t care, I was going to paint it anyway.
And here it is after I sprayed it with Rustoleum Gold Metallic. 

The upholstered top was a really simple and quick task.  It’s just a piece of MDF topped by 4 inch foam and covered in faux leather I got from Fabric.com.  I didn’t want to take out the sewing machine, so I just did folded flap corners. 

Drop the finished top in and that was it.  

And here it is all finished on top of the new area rug.  The faux leather is super easy to clean and has hold up good so far.


  1. What a difference. Love how it turned out and that chandelier is amazing!

  2. Thanks Charmaine!
    that murano chandelier is perhaps the best deal i've ever scored!

  3. Is that the Shatto Faux Leather Sandridge Ivory from Fabric.com? How many yards did you order? I have almost the exact same project.

    1. Hi
      It's the Faux Leather Fabric Boca Oyster, I ordered 4 yards, I think I used only about 2 yards.


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