We are in our 20s, engineers by day, DIYers/house renovators by night and weekend.
 Our house is a semi-detached brick house in Brooklyn that is approaching 100 years old.
 We are  renovating it from top to bottom (mostly by ourselves), turning it from a two-family house to a one-family.  We have limited budget but big dreams and a willingness to turn the drab into fab.

Oh and we have a Caique named Mango, he’s a parrot by gene, but more of a toddler, puppy, rabbit sort of creature trapped in a soft little bundle of feathers.  He sleeps in a tent, drinks tea and coffee, loves anything fatty and can chew through chicken bones better than any dogs.

He's the best companion for late-night work,  eventhough half of the time he's asleep :)

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